Dòng Nội dung
《红楼梦》霍译本第一卷底本析疑. / 刘迎姣. // Foreign language teaching and research. 2013, Vol. 45, No.5. // 外语教学与研究 2013, 第45卷.第5期

It has become a common view in Stone studies that David Hawkes’ The Story of the Stone, al¬so known as The Dream of the Red Chamber, is a version of a collection of various source edi¬tions. However, the studies on which version or versions Hawkes adopted as his source text or texts and on why he refused to stick to one edition remain limited and weak in providing support¬ing evidence. After blanket searches for edition information from such materials as Introduction to Vol. 1 The Golden Days, The Story of the Stone: A Translators Notebook, The Translator , the Mirror and the Dream and A Westerner s View on The Story of the Stone, a detailed comparison of Hawkes’ version and its various editions of the source text, and a statistical analysis of the searched information, this paper arrives at the conclusion that Hawkes takes the third edition of his translation of “红楼梦” (Hóngloúmèng) published by People’s Literature Publishing House, 1964, as the master copy and that for the sake of consistence in event and time as well as aesthetic effect, he time and again diverges from it by referring to nine other translation versions or self-revising, thus creating “Hawkes’ Collated Edition”.