Dòng Nội dung
姓氏名号面面观 / 刘宗迪
山东 : 齐鲁书社, 2002
220 p. ; 21 cm.

(...) trong tiếng Hán và "Đỏ", "Hồng" trong tiếng Việt / Hoàng Thị Băng Tâm. // Ngôn ngữ và đời sống 2015, Số 10 (240).
66-69 tr.

Color is a remarkable part in the culture of each country, the difference in color in each language is certainly related to each nation s culture. In Vietnamese and Chinese "red" is one of the basic colors. Red is not only used for describing but also carries rich cultural connotations and reflects the cultural features of the nation. There are many words which mean "red" in Vietnamese and Chinese, however, the th words used the mosts is "..."in Chinese and đỏ" and "hồng" in Vietnamese.