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Extending the heritage language classroom : Experiences of digital technology use in two community schools in Alberta, Canada / Martin Guardado,Valeria Palladino. // Language, Culture and Curriculum Volume 31, 2018 - Issue 2
p. 150-167

Research suggests that online support can enhance formal learning experiences. Access to tools such as wikis and blogs is relatively easy, free, and intuitive, even for beginner users, making these tools appealing to heritage language (HL) teachers whose access to resources is often limited. Given that little research has investigated how these tools affect learning in community HL schools, this paper examines the experiences of teachers and students from two HL community schools in Canada in relation to the use of asynchronous digital tools. Two teachers who had previously attended technology-based professional development sessions on the integration of digital tools participated in this study, as well as two of their students. The teachers seemed to intuitively use digital tools according to their basic affordances, which empowered them to engage students in creative ways. Students seemed knowledgeable and excited about technology-supported HL learning, helping them become more independent engaged learners. Additionally, the digital tools enabled teachers to flip aspects of their practice and create the necessary conditions for extending the HL classroom beyond the spatial and temporal limits faced by evening and weekend community schools. The article concludes with implications for research and practical recommendations for community HL schools.
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Inside the media / Fink Conrad C.
New York : Longman, c1990.
129 p. ; 25 cm.

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