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Hong Kong : Oxford university, 1995.
211p. ; 25cm

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Approaches : a language activation course for intermediate students / Keith Johnson and Keith Morrow /with drawings by Martin Salisbury.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1979.
iv,124p. : ill., forms, maps ; 25 cm.

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Chương trình ngôn ngữ sư phạm tiếng Anh" từ góc nhìn lí luận và thực tiễn / Tôn Nữ Mỹ Nhật. // Ngôn ngữ và đời sống 2015, Số 6 (236).
31-35 tr.

"Classroom language" or" Teach English through english" is one of the central concerns in teaching English as a foreign laguage. Accordingly, "English for teaching" was introduced to 838 senior teachers of English in Vietnam in late 2014 as one component of The National Foreign Language Shceme 2020. In this article, we first address the theoretical ground of classroom discourse; then, based on the results of the quantitative and qualitative analyses, the paper comments on the "what" and "how" of this program. The final part presents our suggestions on how to implement this intiative across the provinces/ cities in the near future.
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