Dòng Nội dung
(...) trong tiếng Hán và Cái, Con trong tiếng Việt : Những tương đồng và khác biệt / Đỗ Thị Kim Cương. // Ngôn ngữ và đời sống 2015, Số 10 (240).
152-159 tr.

The paper investigates the origin of classifier (...) in Chinese and Cái, Con in Vietnamese. The Chinese studies have determined thats the classifier Ge emerged more than three thousand years ago and becomes one of the most general classifiers in Chinese. The Chinese Ge is said to be equivalent to Cái and Con in Vietnamese, so this serves as the reason for the author to seclect them for this investigation. Although the classifiers of Vietnamese in general and the "Cái" and " Con" in particular, so far have not been clearly defined in term of their origin. However, when comparing Vietnamese Cái, Con to Chinese Ge semantically and syntactically, we can detect the similarities and differences of the values for both theory and application.

(한끝)국어ã생활국어 중3-1/ 강애경, 강영미;김화옥; 윤미영
서울: 비유와상징, c2009
[면수복잡]: 삽화; 28 cm+별책 1권