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25 thuật đắc nhân tâm = 25 ways to win with people: how to make others like a million bucks / JohnC Maxwell ; Nguyễn Thị Thoa dịch.
Hà Nội : Lao động xã hội, 2012.
236 tr. ; 21 cm.

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Becoming a resonant leader : develop your emotional intelligence, renew your relationships, sustain your effectiveness / Annie McKee, Richard E Boyatzis, Frances Johnston.
Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Pub, 2008.
xvi, 231 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Offers activities designed to help leaders develop their emotional intelligence and sustain resonance in relationships
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Confidence (HBR emotional intelligence series) / Harvard Business Review.
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review, 2019.
162 p : ; 19 cm.
Harvard Business Review.
In order to build trust, gain buy-in, and move up in your organization, you need to be confident. But self-doubt and anxiety can break your composure--and faking it doesn't feel comfortable. How do you push these insecurities away? This book explains how you can better understand your emotions to become more self-assured at work. You'll learn from the latest research what is holding you back, how to overcome imposter syndrome, and when too much confidence can actually hurt you
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Dealing with difficult people / Harvard Business Review Press.
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, 2018.
viii, 141 p. ; 18 cm.

At the heart of dealing with difficult people is handling their--and your own--emotions. How do you stay calm in a tough conversation? How do you get past passive aggressive comments? And how do you know if you're difficult to work with? This book explains the research behind our emotional response to awful colleagues--and how to build the empathy and resilience to make those relationships more productive.
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Everyday emotional intelligence : big ideas and practical advice on how to be human at work / Daniel Goleman, Annie McKee, Shawn Achor.
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, 2018.
xiii, 362 p. ; 22cm.

With this double volume you'll get HBR's 10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence and the HBR Guide to Emotional Intelligence. That's 10 definitive HBR articles on emotional intelligence by Goleman and other leaders in the field, selected by our editors--paired with smart, focused advice from HBR experts about how to implement those ideas in your daily work life.
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